A Beautiful Way to Start a Monday.

We want to give a huge shout out to Savannah Fashion Week for having us film and meet so many wonderful Individuals...

So, Monday was definitely a record breaking film day for the Munn Brothers team. We filmed four seperate films for three different companies and one organization, all in one day. You would think that with four different locations, different lighting circumstances, and different styles of personalities that this would be a little more stressful. And honestly, it definitely would have been without the wonderful clients and I would even venture to say friends that we made along the way. Each business owner, customers, sweet bystanders, and individuals interviewed were all so sweet and were such a joy to work with.

On the drive home from Savannah, we all couldn't help but think what a wonderfully productive and enjoyable day we just experienced. The weather was beautiful and we met wonderful individuals who have such a passion for all that they do and truly have their clients best interest at heart.

So touched.

What a beautiful way to start a Monday.

- Melody Munn

Below are some images from the Film shoots. Love!


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